Are You Truly Mourning Micheal Jackson?

Michael Jackson

In case you were living in a hole, on a deserted island, or playing a really long game of hide-and-seek and no one found you (you must be really good) our beloved and talented Michael Jackson passed away yesterday afternoon after suffering from cardiac arrest. It was a very sad moment felt and heard around the world. I know years from now people will ask each, “So where were you when you heard about MJ’s death?” So just in case I forget, I was laying in bed with my hubby watching funny videos on YouTube when I heard my father talking about it in the other room.

Like most people my age, we grew up listening to and enjoy the artthat is MJ. He had so much talent, singing, dancing, rhythm, heart and style. Oh I wish I could find a picture of me and my brothers back in the early 80’s. My parents had purchased those red leather jackets with the white trimming for all of us. We would rock those everywhere. You know how some artists would release a record and a handful of their songs would be chart toppers and remembered for years, well not MJ … his entire collection would go down in history. Everyone one of his songs is immediately recognizable and remembered, most people would know all the words. That’s Talent!

But my question today is how has it affected you? Honestly for me, this may sound harsh or weird but I am not mourning. I was sadden by his passing, but I have moved on. This blog post would probably be the most you saw from me. Not because he doesn’t deserve more, sure he does. And it isn’t because I dislike something about him. I am just not much of a mourner. The only person I can remember crying for when they passed was my grandmother who lived with us almost all my life passed about 4 years ago. I digress. What really comes to mind now when I think of his passing is relief. Why relief, because I think back to the last 5-10 years of his life and undeniably he seemed troubled. He wasn’t the same man we all grew up with idolizing. Whether emotion, physical, physiological something wasn’t totally complete for him and the media just ate it up like a game. I can’t imagine that he was truly happy. Now I am not saying that it is okay for people that are troubled and unhappy to die, no way. But I am grateful for the 50 years he was able to live and pray that he truly is in a better place today.


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