Do Your Priorities Match Your Time?

priorityI have been reading and hearing a lot lately about reflecting on ones priorities and redefining what is really important to them.

Since the down turn of the economy in America, many people have begun to speak out about getting back to the basics, adjusting our life styles and fine-tuning our life focuses. Many of those effected financially have already begun to find ways to save money by cutting back on material wants and allocating their time and money to their basic needs, what we really need to survive. We review our budget and try to distribute our funds to what is most important and necessary to meet our every day needs. One way to verify that we are making head way with the change is to review our bank statement at the end of the month. Where has the majority of our funds gone to? Is there a change in our spending habits from last month or are we spending the same amount on the same things. If more so the latter, it is time to go back to that budget and do some serious adjusting.

While we are all looking for ways to save money, cut costs and spend our few dollars wisely, this may also be a great time to step back and reflect on our personal priorities. Are we making adjustments there also. Are we allocating our resources (time) to the areas that we see as important. One resource I came across lately gave a great description and example of setting up ones personal priorities. Rachel from gives her personal testimony as to what her priorities are right now and how they are ordered. When I read this article I was amazed at the priorities listed and found myself desiring her list to be the same focus and attention I have in my life. So I gave it some thought for the next few days and here is my list of priorities, in order of importance, (will explain why later).

  1. My relationship with Christ Jesus
  2. My relationship with my husband
  3. My care and attention given to my growing baby
  4. My family and close friends
  5. Myself and my personal desires

There is a significant order to the list, going greatest to least, they are not randomly ordered. My first priority is the enhancement of my relationship to my Lord and Savior. As a follower of Christ I have always understood that if God doesn’t come first in my life then all of other relationships and factors in my life just wouldn’t line up. I feel blessed to be able to spend so much time at home now, I have much more time to really focus on my Bible reading, prayer life and devotions. A very close second is my husband whom life I value far more then mine. His happiness and well being and comfort are extremely important and getting to know him each day is time that I treasure. Our unborn but ever grown child is also up there on this list. Right now whatever I can do to ensure his growth, health and comfort is very important. After that my family and their needs are next along with my dear friends. I come last on this list for now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value myself or what my needs are. I take time for myself. Absent from my list right now is my job … since I’m currently unemployed. For now, you can lump that under the me category for my personal desire is to find maybe a part time job or legitimate on-line job.

What about your own life. Have you taken time lately to asses your priorities? Here are a few steps to help you along the way to ensure you are focused on your priorities and investing your time appropriately.

  • Develope a priorities checklist.
  • Them form a priorities, time-management plan and budget. How much time will you invest into each priority.
  • Regular and honest evaluations. Is your time lining up with what you indicate is most important to you.
  • Appropriate seasonal adjustments. Life and circumstances change often, review your priorities regularly.
  • The right influences –– environments and relationships. Are there people, places or things that are hindering you from achiving your priority goals?

Good Luck!


2 comments on “Do Your Priorities Match Your Time?

  1. I think you are right on track with suggesting regular evaluations and seasonal adjustments. Everything in our life is constantly changing. I wish I remember where I read it recently, but the writer mentioned it was like finding the stepping stones in the middle of a river current.

    • I have heard that quote also. It is very true. I have only been married for 5 years now and I can sit and recall many different stages and seasons that we have been through already. What helps keep us strong is to have solid foundation of propriorities set allow much wiggle room for the details to adjust.

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