A Fresh Start

Welcome to A Mom’s Fresh Start. I created this blog today out of sheer impulsiveness. I just finished washing my hair, putting away the laundry and hanging up my husbands clothes when my mind started wandering to all the awesome blog posts I had read today. I have always wanted to start an informative and inspiring blog, but never thought I had the creativity, brain, wits or attention span to do so. But today I stopped myself. I reminded myself that God made me to be a creative and beautiful creature and if these other impacting women can do, then SO CAN I!!!

What am I going to talk about? Well to be honest, I have the slightest idea right now. My goal is to provide information, examples, and product reviews that can possibly help another new mom out there just like me. If that isn’t a broad range of topics, I don’t know what is. It could range from organizational tips to cloth diaper changing tips. Ways to focus on yourself to ways to focus on your little one(s). Some, okay most of, this stuff I am still learning myself so if you here for an experts opinion I am so sorry but I am far from that. I can only share my experience, opinion and spiritual beliefs.

With that said, I do hope that something I say or do along the way helps to inspire or impact your life. Thanks for joining.


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